Amazon Announced the Echo Show

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Amazon announced its next major spinoff from the Echo line the “Echo Show” price at $229.99 for white and black with release date of June 28, 2017. Echo Show is essentially an Amazon Echo with a built in screen and camera. It expands on the Echo’s functionality based off of it’s AI Alexa platform which has proven to be a huge success to consumers. Their slogan is “Now Alexa can show you things”. With the Echo Show, you will still be able to do the same things you have as your Echo.

The difference is the display screen and camera. With the display screen and camera, the major push they advertised on was video messaging. Sony and other companies have tried to create a video conference tool but this time it may be different. The echo show will allow you to connect to security cameras such as baby monitors and home security cameras. I can imagine you can eventually solicit help from a professional for paid support. The intro video showed how you can play a clip from youtube or from your news library. While playing music, you can also show the album art and the lyrics.


There is a deal right now that if you order two Echo Show devices, you will get $100 off with the promo code SHOW2PACK.