Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen Arrives!

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echo-dotThe newly waited Echo Dot 2nd Gen has finally arrived! Setup is the same as your Echo. You can find my Echo walk through at this link. A lot of people are reporting issues with set up. You can try the basic troubleshooting steps detailed at the link. Once set up, you can try to start using it. If you already have an Echo or the 1st generation Echo Dot, nothing should surprise you too much. I already have the Echo so not much difference.

I opted to put this at my office which is away from my Echo which is in on my dining room buffet just outside the kitchen. Having my Echo there will allow me to use it when I am in the kitchen and when enjoying my meal. My best channel? Hawaiian music radio on Pandora! The best! Lately, I have also been listening to 710 ESPN radio through Tunein. How can you not love it! In my office, I resulted to using radio or Amazon Prime Music through the web browser. However, it is very glitchy as it has to go through my work proxy and it doesn’t see my company likes that type of streaming. Putting my Chrome browser to incognito mode solves it – for now at least.

First Impression

I did initially have an issue with setup with my Echo Dot so it didn’t surprise me when I had issues while trying to setup my Echo. I perform setup through my Alexa app and went through the steps on my Android phone. I had an issue when trying to connect via WiFi. I solved the issue after doing a force stop on my Alexa app. You can do a force stop by holding onto the Alexa app and click on the ‘i’ icon which will take you to the app info. After that, I had no issues. However, many people on Internet forums are reporting they are having issues (Error: 12:2:15:10:1) while setting up. Is there a bigger issue at hand? Are there quality issues that Amazon has to address? We don’t know this at the moment.

Despite initial reviews, the speaker on the Echo dot is quite impressive! It is perfect for my use in a small 10 x 12 ft office. I don’t need loud music playing but just need it loud enough for background music. The Echo dot is perfect for this! Just in case, I also have my eye on the Bose Soundlink speaker which can be connected to my Echo Dot via Bluetooth or 35mm cable.