Amazon Echo Input now available

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With the sun setting on Google Chromecast Audio, Amazon launched another product in their Alexa enabled device the ‘Echo Input’. The Amazon Echo Input is a device that adds Alexa to your offline speakers. This is similar to Google Chromecast Audio that was recently discontinued. Google Chromecast Audio enabled an offline speaker to stream music but you had to control it via your Google Home app or device. The difference with Amazon Echo Input is that the Echo Input has mic’s that allows you to speak the trigger word to ask Alexa to perform a task for you.

The Echo Input is a great way to add Alexa features to an existing sound system using 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth. It has the same features as Amazon Echo and Echo Dot by being able to do sound isolation to listen to commands.

The Echo Input comes in back and white to help you match your furnishings. It comes with only two buttons, one to manually trigger solicit Alexa or action button and another to mute the mic. It has 4 mics and is 3″ by .5″.

The starting price is $34.99 but is deeply discounted at the time of this post. Right now, the Echo Input is available for $19.99. The Echo Dot retails for $49.99 but it currently available for $29.99 which is a great deal!

Personally, I would get the Echo Dot instead of the Echo Input as it has an improved built in speaker system in comparison with its previous gen and you can easily connect an external speaker using 3.5mm or Bluetooth.