Amazon Prime Day Already Started for Echo users?

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The hype for Amazon Prime day is increasing steadily as we approach July 12th. But did Amazon Prime deals already start for Echo owners? This morning, I was trying to take advantage of the $10 credit promotion if you buy via Alexa and found some steals. I was looking for something that was over $20 as it was one of the pre-requisite to qualify for the promotion. I figured I would buy the griddle I always wanted to buy for my stove I bought over a year ago. As I stumbled through trying to find the griddle I want using only Alexa, I found the prices much lower than the listed price. See below:

The best deal among this group is the Cuisinart GR-4NR grill. Amazon lists this for $74.99 but if you buy it with Alexa, it is only $21.80!

2016-07-09 18.24.242016-07-09 18.24.51 2016-07-09 18.24.06 2016-07-09 18.23.57

This is how buying with Alexa works. You ask Alexa that you want to buy something with keyphrase, “Alexa, buy griddle.” Alexa will search for the top result in that category. It will then read out the product and the final price after discount. You can then say “Ok” or “No”. If you say “Ok”, the item will go through. If you say “No”, it will move onto the next item. If you say “No” a second time, it will stop. If you try to buy an item that doesn’t qualify to be purchased through Alexa, it will go to your cart. I haven’t figured out what you can or cannot buy through Alexa as I tried to buy a specific griddle which was prime eligible but it went to the cart.
Disclaimer. If you buy with Alexa, the order will go through. If it isn’t something you want, go to your app to cancel right away.

Have a look!