Amazon to reveal competitive music subscription service just for Echo

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amazon-streamAmazon revealed that they are about to launch a music subscription service that is lower than the likes of Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. The music service is rumored to cost $10 a month and will be available in the next ‘few weeks’. Amazon Echo users will get a discounted rate but the exact cost is unknown.

The music subscription service has proven to be a hard market to get into with the many competitors. Simply put, consumers have too many choices and none of the available choices stand out. Will Amazon come out as the clear winner? We will find out. Amazon is also rumored to have an on-demand music service which will cost $10 launched in early 2017.

Interesting note is that Prime users will have to pay on top of their $99 membership fee to get access to Amazon music subscription service or on-demand service. The question is what will happen to Amazon Prime Music.