Amazon Twitter accidentally outs new Echo Dot

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Is Amazon about to release an updated and cheaper Amazon Echo Dot? That seems to be the case. Amazon’s Echo Twitter account (amazonecho) tweeted the announcement of a new, updated and cheaper Echo dot which was promptly deleted. A retweet shows the original tweet from this screen capture.


Here is another one posted on reddit earlier. It clearly states that the Echo Dot will only be $49.99 which is

This is great news to people who have been waiting for Amazon to re-release the Echo dot as it was unexpectedly a HUGE hit! Amazon tested the Echo Dot but did not expect to be a top seller. It appears they underestimated its popularity and quickly ran out of stock. Amazon Dot is great for people who want the functionality of the Echo at a bedroom or an office and connect to your bluetooth speakers (which all of us have) to make it ‘smart’. It looks like we will be in for a great surprise right before the holidays right around early Nov!


Currently, the Echo Dot is available on eBay for $200+! It clearly demonstrates the popularity of the item!