Create Profiles to specify tastes with your Echo Alexa

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How to create profiles within the same household Echo

You can now create different profiles on your Echo using Alexa. We encounter this problem frequently when my wife and I clash in our taste for music. We should’ve known this as we always argue over which radio station to listen to. I prefer news, sports radio, and POP music as entertainment. For background music, I like acoustic music as well as Hawaiian music. On the other hand, my wife only listens to classical music and occasionally jazz. If I ask Alexa to simply, “Alexa, play music.” it is a toss up. I get maybe 60% of getting something I like and then it is a lottery before Alexa puts on something from my list. The creation of profiles will resolve this. Amazon enabled Alexa to create profile and can tailor it accordingly. I can now have my own profile and avoid having to gamble with what Alexa may set up.

Here is the down side. In order to set up a separate profile, you need to have a separate Amazon account for the new profile. If you do not have another Amazon account, you will need to create one. You do not need to have Amazon Prime with this account. To set up household profile, go to your Alexa app. Navigate to settings and to ‘Household Profile’. Read the instruction. Once you click ‘Start’, pass your device to the person who wants to create a new profile. They will be prompted to sign in to their Amazon account. Create a name of the profile which you can use when you call Alexa.

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