Ultimate Amazon Echo Setup Guide

After missing out on the $99 deal when Amazon Echo was first launched, I was able to secure the next best price at $153.71 at a one day sale today on April 19th! Amazon dropped the price for just today. I actually bought it last week so I simply called Amazon and got the credit back for the difference of about $20. Now I feel better!

amazon echo thank you

Now onto our Echo setup walk through.

  1. Unboxing

Firstly, I was surprised at how heavy Amazon Echo is. When I first picked up the box left by UPS, I thought it was my wife’s Next Generation dish soap. I also expected I had to sign for the Echo but I was wrong. The box was simply left on my doorstep. Upon opening the box, I am welcomed by the box which was really snug on the package.

2016-04-15 15.44.30 2016-04-15 15.45.42 2016-04-15 15.46.59 2016-04-15 15.47.24

The box is very sleek. Today, Bloomberg posted an interesting article indicating that initially, Jeff Bezos wanted to name the Echo the Amazon ‘Flash’. They even got as far as printing the boxes. After a number of dissidents who thought the name was a bust, approached Bezos and ultimately won. They had to discard the initial packages because they were all printed with ‘flash’ on them.

2016-04-15 15.47.36 amazon echo front amazon echo back Echo Things to try front Echo Things to try back

The box consists of the Echo, A/C adapter, a simple startup guide, and things to try card for the Amazon Echo.

Once you have it plugged in, you will get a message that the Echo is ready for setup. The light ring at the top of the Echo will create an orange circular motion which indicates ready for setup.

2. Setup

Next, navigate to http://alexa.amazon.com
If you navigate from your PC, you will be redirected to a login page to your Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account and purchased your Echo elsewhere, you will need to sign up.

If you navigate the above link from a phone, tablet, or another smart device, you will be redirected to the Google Play store or Apple App store.

2016-04-20 04.18.26 2016-04-20 04.28.13 2016-04-20 04.32.17 2016-04-20 04.32.24 echo setup ready2016-04-20 04.32.33 2016-04-20 04.35.38

Screenshots from an Android device. The sequence is the same for an Apple iOS device. You can install the Alexa app on a non cellular phone as well such as WiFi only iPad or Android tablet. I did struggle a bit to get my Android to connect to the Amazon Echo WiFi network, “Amazon-MSx”. This is needed for initial setup. Your device may need you to acknowledge to connect to this WiFi network even though it has no Internet access. I had to toggle my WiFi on my phone before getting the pop up menu to connect. Once that happened, I was able to move on.

2016-04-20 04.42.18 2016-04-20 04.37.00

Select the WiFi network you will use to access the Internet. Enter your Wi-Fi password.


2016-04-20 04.42.262016-04-20 04.42.34  2016-04-20 04.43.51

Once you are set up, you will watch a rather lengthy introduction video. A bit too long in my view as I want to try out my new Echo now! You will get some tutorials which you try. By default, the hotword is ‘Alexa’. I did read somewhere that someone did have a daughter named Alexa and had to get it changed. I’ll dive into that in another post.


2016-04-20 04.48.03 2016-04-20 04.47.57 2016-04-20 04.47.50