Everyday Uses for Amazon Echo

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How to best everyday use for Amazon Echo

Our family love the Amazon Echo. It is by far the cheapest way to ‘smartify’ your home. We haven’t gone as far as automating the home using the Amazon Echo but the potential is there. Today, I want to write about practical uses for our Echo which comes in hand. The best thing is, we are a family of 4 – myself, my wife, and my two boys aged 7 and 5. We all use the Echo numerous times a day and here is a rundown of how we use it.

Morning Echo routine:
-“Alexa, what is the weather”
-“Alexa, how is the traffic”
-“Alexa, what’s on my calendar” to get a preview of my upcoming events
-“Alexa, play music” while I am making my coffee
-“Alexa, set timer to 2 minutes” to brew my coffee in my Aeropress
-“Alexa, newsflash” to listen to my preset news (national, international, local, ESPN) while I am having breakfast

Afternoon Echo routine:
-“Alexa, what is on my to do list” to check up on any thing I need to do-“Alexa, what is on my shopping list” to see if I need to swing by the market for anything”
-“Alexa, play pandora” and it will retrieve the latest station I was on which is “hawaiian radio”

Evening Echo routing:
-“Alexa, what is tomorrow’s weather”
-“Alexa, play pandora” for background music for dinner
-“Alexa, what is the dodger’s score”

Helpful Echo functions we use throughout the day:
-“Alexa, set temperature to 78 degrees” when it gets too hot.
-“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list”
-“Alexa, buy laundry detergent” – Alexa will automatically search for my shopping history and ask to confirm to order detergent
-“Alexa, pick a number between 1-4” when we need a randomnizer

Wikipedia triggers:
-“Alexa, how tall is the Empire state building”-“Alexa, how old is Derek Jeter”
-“How many days till Christmas?”

There are many many other functions if you add in IFTTT triggers, bluetooth, and connected home. We don’t have any smart home devices which controls lights, locks at the moment but hope to get them soon.