How to create find my phone IFTTT trigger using Echo

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How to use Amazon Echo to find your phone. Many of you may have wondered how else can you better use your Amazon Echo. I have created a method which will allow you to ask my Amazon Echo to trigger your phone to play music so you can find it. This is great when you are not able to find your phone and no one to ask to call your phone. Follow the below steps and you will be able to find your phone using your Echo!

  1. Add If by IFTTT app on your phone. You will need create an account here.
  2. Go to the IFTTT app -> settings -> channels and search for ‘Alexa’
  3. Click the ‘connect’ icon
  4. You will be redirected to amazon’s sign in page to authorize IFTTT with your Amazon account.
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  5. Go to the list of recipe and search for one that is “Alexa, trigger find my phone”
  6. From here, you have some options. I have set up my phone to play music when I trigger ‘Alexa, trigger find my phone’. Alternatively, you can connect to¬† to ‘Phone Call Channel” if you want IFTTT to call your phone.