Improvements to Alexa Skills page

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Amazon recently made some much needed improvements to its Alexa Skills store. Previously, the Alexa Skills store lacked any smart search features and seemingly sorted the skills at random. You had popular and highly rated skills with new and low ratings. Now that has changed. When you go to the Skills section in your App, you can look at the featured app. In my case, I saw the skill to call a Lyft car. Right below, you can see “Customer Favorites” which is probably popular skills. You can slide to the right to see more suggestions. Further below, you can see the skills that are trending for that week. Scrolling down or hitting the Categories button will take you the different categories for the skills. It seems you can filter by category on the search bar but the button will only skip scroll you at the bottom. A bit weird.

Another feature that Alexa obtained is the ability to enable skills by voice command. You simply do this by saying “enable” and then the skill name. For example, if you want to enable the skill Jeopardy and your hotword is Alexa, say “Alexa, enable Jeopardy”
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