Police issues warrant to amazon for Echo recordings to solve murder case

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We knew this was coming, police in Bentonville, Arkansas has filed a warrant against Amazon to hand over any data from a victim’s Amazon Echo which may lead to the prosecution of the murder suspect. Victor Collins was murdered in the home of James Bates and is also a suspect in the case back in November 2015. Bates claimed that he found Collins dead, face down in the water when he woke up in the morning. Bates has several smart home devices one of which is the Amazon Echo and was playing music throughout the night.

Amazon touts the Echo as a device that is “always listening” to its hot word (usually “Alexa”) to listen to commands. Amazon refused to hand over any information in the case but has handed over customer account into and order history. There is no denial that Amazon uses and records a snippet of your voice to send to its Alexa servers to interpret your commands. You can even listen to a replay of your command and give feedback if Amazon heard you right. What we don’t know is how long Amazon keeps this information.