Redditor found the best location for your Amazon Echo

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A Redditor, a user in Reddit Internet community, discovered the absolute best location for your Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo is noticeably dependent on a few things. It needs a power source. Due to this, most homes require the Echo to be anchored to an outlet which is normally a wall. Some homes may have the the luxury of having an outlet in the middle of a room next strategically placed to where the home owner will place a sofa. This is great to plug in a reading lamp. Wouldn’t that be a great place to place an Amazon Echo? Dead middle of a room. Amazon recommends you put the Echo at least 8 inches from the wall for maximum amplification and so it can listen to your ‘Alexa’ trigger. But the redditor found an even better place for your Echo. Are you ready for this? The location is…..

Your ceiling!

echo ceiling

This makes total sense as the Echo can provide a near surround sound audio as well as maximum ability to listen to your trigger. mennoniteminuterice custom 3D print this mount so it can secure the Echo on the ceiling upside down or anchor it to a table. For example, you can place an Echo at your coffee shop and not worry about it being stolen. The idea was received so well that they created a store on Etsy so you can purchase it for yourselves. Genius!