Review of Amazon’s Pop Up Shop

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2016-07-12 13.13.01Amazon announced their pop up shop as early as 2014 but were mostly for concept. Now, Amazon has permanent experience stalls at various shopping malls around the country. One such shop opened 3 weeks ago at a local Westfield mall and I had the pleasure of experiencing it on Prime Day! As it was prime day, the prices were extremely tempting but I really didn’t have a reason to buy anything as I already owned most of what I need.





Physical Setup
The setup of the pop up shop was very nice. It resembled a cross between a mid-century home and a coffee shop. Everything was grouped by category. First group that interested me was the Alexa display. They had the Echo, the Tap, and some smart home accessories. I’ve never seen the tap before and was quite intrigued at the size and built. I was tempted to buy this for the Prime Day price at $99.99 but decided to pass. How nice it would be to buy it at this price and take it home immediately!

2016-07-12 13.12.14
To the immediate left are all of the accessories. Here you can find cases for your Kindle, Echo, Tap and many others.
2016-07-12 13.11.56

In the center console, they have their Kindle family and HD Fire tablets on display. I’ve always wanted to buy a Kindle but again, didn’t find enough justification to buy it. I don’t travel that often (maybe once a year for 2-3 weeks) and don’t have a commute. It was great to be able to compare all the different Kindle in person. Through this, I can understand why the Kindle Paperwhite is the most popular. I also found out from the very helpful sales staff (more on this later) that all of the Kindle comes with ads on the lockscreen now. Last time I was shopping the Kindle, I remember it being an option. Prime members on Prime Day can buy the Kindle Paperwhite for only $89.99! What a steal! Otherwise, it is $119.99.

Across the Kindle, you can find their selection of Kindle Fire tablets. I don’t have much interest in these so I didn’t spend much time here.

2016-07-12 13.11.45

2016-07-12 13.12.04

On the far side of the accessories, there is another set of display of Kindle family with the alternate color. Seems Amazon really wants to push their Kindle family. Not surprised considering how much money they make off their e-books.

To the left of the 2nd Kindle display is the Fire TV. It had the Fire TV, Fire TV stick, and the Fire TV Game controller. I was hoping to try to play some games but my kids were caught up with playing MineCraft on the Fire HD 8 tablet!

2016-07-12 13.11.50


The salesperson was really really attentive and knowledged about all of their products. They weren’t pushy and genuinely tried to help me with all of my questions I had about the various products. They were taking pictures to try to tweet and promote the Prime Day. I don’t think a lot of people know of this pop up shop and most people would buy online anyways.


It was really neat to experience an Amazon pop up shop as I’ve heard about it for quite some time now. I am a big fan of Amazon products and to be able see each and everyone is person is quite an experience as I am accustomed to reading reviews and open box videos to do a virtual tour of the event.