Setting Up Honeywell Smart Thermostat on Echo

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I recently set up my Honeywell RTH8500 7 day Smart Wi-Fi enabled thermostat with my Amazon Echo. I actually bought this smart thermostat that was a good deal on black friday. However, my furnace did not have a c-wire so I put it off until I was able to find a solution. I did some research and finally took my old thermostat apart and put it together. You can read several guides on how to do this.

Setup Wifi Thermostat on Echo:

Above is the wi-fi thermostat app from my Android phone. It wasn’t hard to set it up but you do need to read the instruction as you had to access the thermostat directly by connecting to its own wi-fi access point to initiate the start up. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the thermostat when it was in setup mode. Now I have a fully functional smart thermostat which I can control via the Internet, phone, or PC. In order to control the thermostat remotely, you will need to create a login on Honeywell’s website. Save this as you will need it when you install the skill on the Alexa app.

To associate your smart thermostat with your Amazon Echo, go to your Alexa app and then ‘Smart Home’.

From the ‘Smart Home’ menu, click, ‘Discover devices’.

Search and find the skill corresponding to your smart thermostat. It can be Ecobee, Nest, Sensi or any others that are supported by Alexa.

For me, I select ‘Honeywell Total Connect Comfort’. Not sure why it’s rated so low. I have zero issues with it.

Once I add the skill, I sign in to the account I created earlier in step one.

Yada yada yada…

Now your Honeywell account is linked to your Alexa app.

Click, “Discover Devices’ to start syncing your Echo to your Honeywell thermostat.

Wait awhile. This step took a looong time for me!

Once you are done, you will see the thermostat associated to your Echo.

Once you are there, you need to create a group to associate it to your thermostat. I called my group ‘Home’. You can also control several smart devices together through association. For example, if you install 3 thermostats where one is the guest house, you can set up two groups where one is your main home and another group for your guest house.

Once you see this, click save and you are done!

One thing to keep in mind, you cannot use the Echo to turn your unit on or off. What you can do is to change the temperature setting, read the temperature inside the house and outside the house.