Top Questions and Answers after release of Amazon Echo Dot

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A lot of questions has emerged after the announcement of the new Amazon Echo Dot. Interest has gone up and people are looking for uses for their Echo Dot along with their Echo. Many people simply gave up when the 1st generation Echo Dot and Tap was announced as frankly, people weren’t sure of its application. Once the Echo Dot went out of stock and people saw how convenient it was when complemented with the Amazon Echo, people wanted it. Amazon heeded the market and launched the 2nd generation Echo Dot which is available for pre-sale now and will arrive Oct 6. Here are some Q and A from @amazonecho twitter account.

Q: Can you use the Dot and Echo simultaneously when listening to music?

A: Yes, the devices can be used simultaneously. However, you’re unable to stream the same content.

Q: How can I access my music from iTunes on Echo?

A: You can upload up to 250 songs to your Amazon music library for free. Once you exceed that, you will have to change your music subscription which will cost $24.99/year and import up to 250,000 songs.

Q: Can the Echo Dot control an Echo that is in another room?

A: No, the Echo Dot cannot be used to control another Echo in another room.

Q: Do you need an Echo in order to use the Echo Dot?

A: No, the Echo Dot works independently from the Echo. As a matter of fact, that is its primary use! You can buy the Echo Dot and turn ANY speaker into an Echo!

Q: As a 1st Gen Dot owner, we aren’t very happy with this. What is Amazon doing to make up for the cost we spent on our 1st Gen which cost almost double!

A: Amazon is offering all 1st Gen Dot owners a $10 credit towards the 2nd Gen. Can you check your e-mail for the promotion.

Q: Does it need Internet for it to work?

A: Yes, all Echo devices require Wi-Fi from a router which is connected to the Internet to function.

Q: Can I set up the Echo Dot on my boat?

A: Yes as long as you have a power source and Internet access (mifi for example).

Q: Are there additional hotwords that will be introduced soon? My husband’s name is Alex and it triggers Alexa!

A: For the time being, you can only select between Alexa, Echo, and Amazon. If you would like to give feedback on new hotwords, you can do it here –