Yellow Ring around your Amazon Echo is the new notification

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Amazon pushed an update that enables notification to your Amazon Echo. The idea of notification is to let you know there is a message for you due to an activity or a response to your Amazon account. You can tell you have a notification when you hear a chime and the ring on your Amazon Echo is spinning yellow. As of today, there are two functions that I know which can issue a notification. One is package delivery from Amazon and the other is for calling and messaging or conversations.

I’ve found the package notification to be very helpful. I have been frustrated at certain Amazon packages to be left on the front porch without a knock on the door. As a customer, I want the delivery to knock or ring the doorbell so I know the package has arrive and I can retrieve it. Instead, the package is left on my front porch until I realize that it has been delivered which may be hours. I have in the past had packages stolen so I am wary of theft. With notifications, my Amazon Echo would chime and spin yellow the moment my package is scanned and dropped off.

I have yet to become a regular user of Amazon Conversations on the Amazon Echo. The idea is that with the integration of Echo devices and the Alexa app, you can send text and voice messages to your contacts. Through the app, you can send messages as if it is an messaging app. However, sending voice messages through the Echo is a bit strange. Amazon doesn’t stress this but you need to be within the vicinity to the Echo device to record your voice messages. If you record from a distance, it will sound very muffled. This may not come as obvious as the Echo works quite well even from 10-15 feet away. But with voice messages, the quality is much to desire for.

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